At no time in history has there been such unprecedented growth in regulated industries across multiple industries and historical business models.  Despite the rise of enterprise level dominant players, more and more fringe companies have been creating new avenues to wealth and innovation.   

Guiding Businesses through Uncertainty

SKT has been honored to represent an array of creative entrepreneurs as they navigate through the grayer areas of business including, but not limited to, regional/industrial cannabis ventures, dietary supplement distributors, experimental therapy service providers, alternative health food suppliers, application developers, and first-to-market food importers.  All face unique challenges as they rapidly expand their businesses in highly volatile regulatory environments. 

It is not enough that incubators and combinators have been generating disruptive venture experiments, but large retailers have even started to experiment with emerging market products to stay relevant.  From cannabis industry suppliers to CBD products, the world’s most influential big-box players have flexed their market positions to carve out a piece for their customers.  Thus, the regulated industries markets (despite their volatility) will drive a large portion of the future of business, and SKT is delighted to assist at every step of the way.