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If you are facing white-collar criminal charges or a federal investigation that threatens your personal and professional freedom, you need a representative who will guide you through the gray areas of the legal system and zealously protect your quality of life.

Led by Eliot Krieger, SKT offers elite legal counsel through key personal relationships and unparalleled tactical experience. Eliot was a DOJ prosecutor for many years, which gives him unique insights into your case from both sides of the courtroom.

When you choose SKT, you can feel confident that your attorney has comprehensive knowledge of your case, the law, and what needs to be done to craft a winning defense.

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Pending or active investigations by government agencies, including, but not limited to:
Federal or State charges related to white-collar crimes, including, but not limited to:

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SKT Case Studies

Elderly Person

A Tale of Two Sentences

Doug* engaged SKT when he and his business partner, Fred*, were arrested for allegedly defrauding elderly of their retirement. The amount of the fraud was

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Frequently Asked Questions

AUSA is an acronym for Assistant United States Attorney. The AUSA is also known as Chief Federal Prosecutor or United States District Attorney. AUSAs represent the U.S. Federal Government in U.S. District Courts (also known as Federal Court) and Courts of Appeals.

The AUSA is the legal party responsible for presenting and prosecuting a case against an individual or individuals suspected of breaking the law (or defend civil cases where the United States is a party). Their power includes initiating and directing further criminal investigations, guiding and recommending sentencing, and having the ability to negotiate “plea deals.”

Therefore, a federal criminal defense attorney is a lawyer who defends an individual or individuals against the charges brought against them by the AUSA.

An FBI investigation occurs before arrest warrants are issued and charges are filed in court. Nevertheless, if you are being investigated by the FBI it is in your best interest to hire an attorney.

SKT represents clients who have not yet been charged with a crime but are involved in an active investigation. Too often those under investigation lead the prosecution to file charges against them that could have been avoided had they been represented by counsel.

A federal criminal defense attorney like Eliot Krieger can also handle cases involving an FBI criminal investigation process.

Hiring counsel demonstrates to investigators that you are prepared to defend yourself, and your counselor will ensure your best interests are protected.

Committing a federal crime means that the act in which you allegedly engaged is tied to a national or federal issue.

Examples may include tax fraud or tax evasion, counterfeiting, fraud, carjacking, credit card fraud, computer crimes, racketeering, and identity theft. Federal crimes can be classified as either misdemeanors or felonies.

In the instance of fraud, we recommend engaging a white-collar criminal defense attorney.

White-collar refers to non-violent crimes committed by white-collar workers (professionals, administrators and managers), as opposed to blue-collar workers (jobs engaged in manual labor) or pink-collar workers (service-oriented and customer interaction labor).

The term white collar criminal defense is often used interchangeably with fraud defense, although the latter is specific to lawyers who only take cases dealing with SEC defense, investment fraud, money laundering, or health care fraud.

An Arrest Warrant and Complaint are filed. An arrest takes place and the accused has a scheduled Initial Appearance in court where the individual is advised of her/his rights. The court determines whether the accused has the financial wherewithal to engage an attorney on their own. If not, a Public Defender is appointed. Concurrently, the court establishes conditions of release.

After the complaint is filed, the government will typically present the case to a Grand Jury. A Grand Jury is a group of citizens, typically about 23 people, who decide whether there is probable cause to proceed to trial. If the Grand Jury finds probable cause, they will issue an indictment.

After the indictment, an Arraignment hearing is held. If no plea is reached, the trial proceeds.

At trial, the AUSA has the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant is guilty, and the jury decides the verdict. If a guilty verdict is found, the case moves to pre-sentencing where information is collected, along with recommendations for sentencing.

It is the responsibility of the Judge to impose the sentence. The sentence could include time in federal prison; supervised release (probation), monetary fines, or Restitution (where the defendant pays the victim(s) of the crime).

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