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When business transactions go well, everyone is happy — but when they fall apart, someone inevitably takes the blame.

When eight- and nine-figure deals break down in highly regulated industries, you may face allegations of fraud, accusations of insufficient due diligence, and litigation that takes up too much of your time and resources.

In these situations, you need support and representation for a successful resolution – and SKT will provide the premier defense you need. Choose SKT to protect your rights and put this whole situation behind you.

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Litigators with a proven track record in high-stakes cases and highly-regulated industries

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Diligent and aggressive representation at every stage to secure the best possible outcome

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SKT Case Studies

SKT Case Studies

Elderly Person

A Tale of Two Sentences

Doug* engaged SKT when he and his business partner, Fred*, were arrested for allegedly defrauding elderly of their retirement. The amount of the fraud was

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Frequently Asked Business Litigation Questions

Contract disputes, breach of contract, class action lawsuits, intellectual property disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, termination of business relationships, shareholder agreements, employee disputes, and issues with vendors.
Business and civil litigation are similar, however, the main difference is that business litigation may involve multiple defendants, implicate sophisticated parties and entities, have industry-specific complexities, and could even involve domestic and international scopes.
Our experienced litigators can handle either plaintiff or defense cases; however, we do not take contingency cases. SKT only accepts cases in which we are retained on an hourly basis.

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