Trang Thu Do

Paralegal Vietnam

SKT Female Placeholder

Legal Support for U.S. and Canadian Immigration

Trang Thu Do is an SKT paralegal and a senior consultant for US and Canadian immigration based in Vietnam.

Legal Insights & Support For Immigration Challenges

Trang T. Do (Emily) is an assistant attorney/senior immigration consultant in SKT’s Vietnam office, where she provides in-depth legal advice with an emphasis on U.S. and Canadian immigration. 

In the field of U.S. immigration, she helps families obtain Green Cards through EB5 project investments. She also counsels corporate owners and employees on the L1 Visa (Intra-company Transfer of an employee of a foreign entity to a U.S. affiliate of the foreign company) and the E2 Visa (aka Investor Visa, which allows individuals to enter and work inside the U.S. based on an investment they will be controlling while inside the U.S.).

Emily also advises Vietnamese directs on the H-1B Visa (allowing U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations) and students seeking F1 Visas (non-immigrant student visas allowing foreigners to pursue education and language training in the U.S.). For Canada, Emily specializes in consulting on Investment and Business Visas for both individuals and corporate clients.

Immigration Law Experience

Before joining SKT, Emily held various positions in different industries. These included hospitality, construction, commercial real estate, education, and immigration. These experiences helped her develop a strong customer-centric mindset, which is the basis of the needle guiding all her activities.

Emily gained invaluable experience within the immigration legal sector by working with many leading partners in the education and settlement industry, including world-renowned schools and universities, prestigious EB5 Regional Centers, immigration lawyers, and other immigration agencies from the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. She also served as the Head of Overseas Study Department and an Immigration Advisory Manager at one of the leading immigration consulting services providers in Vietnam. 


Emily earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies in English from Hanoi University, and a Certificate of Digital Communication from Cultural & Creative Hubs Vietnam (project sponsored by European Union in 2020). She recently earned a second Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

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