Interestingly, there has been a surge in the number of individuals who need and desire to outsource their personal finances.  Some of our clients are widows/widowers whose significant other handled all of their personal finances such as paying the monthly bills, balancing their checkbooks, and reviewing and reconciling their credit card statements (with an eye towards looking for fraudulent activity or staying within their monthly budget/living expenses). When their spouse passed away, they were left overwhelmed with the amount of time it took to keep within their personal budget, running to and from the bank, ensuring their bills were paid on time, monitoring their credit card activity, and so on.  It became a source of relief to outsource this to a law firm who has experience and a watchful eye.

Other clients are the family members of parents or grandparents in need simply because they themselves are too busy with their own lives and families to take on the added task of handling a loved one’s finances.

Personal Accounting Services Includes: 

  • Income & Expenses – tracking all deposits and paying all bills.
  • Bank account and credit card reconciliations which allows for the identification of uncashed or lost checks, detection and prevention of excessive or unjustified bank charges, as well as uncovering and precluding stealing of funds by others who have access to your bank and credit card accounts.

Statements which itemize your where your money is spent on a monthly basis.