Collaboration across practice areas and borders, makes our Firm distinctively capable of assisting clients with all legal needs.

All-Inclusive Legal Services.

As a domestic and international full-service law firm, SKT provides highly-skilled and effective representation across a wide range of legal fields. With office locations in the United States and across Asia, our immigration, corporate, and tax departments collaborate to provide all-inclusive legal services.  Our services may include forming businesses in the U.S., explaining the U.S. immigration Visa process, and advising on the tax consequences of the U.S. business and U.S. legal status.  SKT also advises on all areas of business including mergers & acquisitions, taxation, business entity formation, contract drafting and review, and all varieties of complex multi-national transactions.  Our goal is to transform a complicated process into a simple experience.

Our attorneys collaborate across practice areas and borders and are distinctively capable of assisting our clients with all of their legal needs.

One of the areas SKT has a developed skill set for is guiding clients through establishing start-up companies abroad.  Although we have offices in the U.S., Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines, our reach is far beyond those borders into many other countries as well.

SKT has experience in corporate business law which allows us to help with business formation services, entity formation services, business contracts, Operating Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, and so on.  Even after a business or entity is formed, our firm continues to assist with yearly corporate and tax filings; preparation of minutes of meetings; issuance of membership and stock certificates; preparation of initial loan agreements, research regarding trademark clearance, etc.

Some of the areas where we accelerate are in handling business disputes (both pre and post litigation); contract disputes; reviewing and advising clients on lease agreements, licensing agreements, sales order terms & conditions, and commission agreements.

We can assist with Human Resource (HR) and employment issues such as proper hiring and onboarding requirements, techniques and training; employee conflict/disputes and resolution methods; and managing leaves of absence and accommodations connected therewith.

Last, but not least, we are well versed in reviewing and assisting with Software as a Service (“SaaS”) agreements.  SaaS is a method of delivering software whereby data can be accessed from any device which has a web browser and internet connectivity.  SaaS is where software vendors host and maintain the servers, code and databases which constitute an application (where you’ll hear people declare “our business is totally in the cloud” or “all of our data is stored in the cloud”.   In the old days (which really aren’t so long ago), businesses were tied to buying computer servers, work-stations, patch panels, and a myriad of other computer and telephone equipment, as well as hiring IT companies on a full-time basis to manage the physical on-site equipment and software licensing purchases and upgrades. 

Nowadays with the option of being “in the cloud” the world is our oyster and options are unlimited.  Flexibility for having virtual offices (instead of bricks and mortar) and employees (as well as independent contractors) who can tele-commute eliminates overhead costs for office space, furniture, computer hardware, telephone equipment (VOIP now allows for phone service over the internet instead of from a local phone company), etc.   All of this has a significant impact on the corporate world.  However, coupled with all the pros of SaaS, there are areas for the buyer to be aware.  We have clients who inquire “is my data really safe?”; “what if my providing vendor goes out of business?”; and “who owns my data?”.  All good questions, all of which SKT is prepared to answer and help you with.