Our team has seamlessly guided countless individuals in obtaining Green Cards through employment.

Live and Work in the U.S.

We are known for supporting companies and individuals in obtaining Green Cards through employment to work in the U.S.  As a result of our years of knowledge and experience, we are able to quickly pinpoint which of the many types of Green Cards will best suit client needs.

We’ve found by taking joy in helping others comes great relationships and considerable results.

SKT has continuously displayed its ability to obtain clients the results they desire, in a cost-efficient manner. We pride ourselves in being upfront and transparent, and we communicate clearly and frequently which provides a better experience, a deeper understanding of expectations, and better results.

EB-1(A) Extraordinary Ability Visa

The EB-1(A) Visa is an employment-based Visa for permanent residencyIt is intended for “priority workers” (foreign nationals who have “extraordinary abilities”) and also includes some executives and managers of foreign companies who are transferred to the U.S.

EB-1(B) Outstanding Professor and Researcher Visa

The EB-1(B) visa is an employment-based immigrant visa category for outstanding professors and researchers.

EB-1(C) Multinational Manager or Executive Visa

EB-1C was created specifically for managers and executives who meet L-1A nonimmigrant standards and are interested in becoming lawful permanent residents.

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa

Under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, investors from abroad can apply for a Green Card through investment in an existing, new business enterprise, or a Regional Center in the U.S.  SKT has a 100% approval rating for every petition thus far submitted.