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What’s a contract dispute?

Contract disputes happen when people who have entered into a contact disagree over any of the definitions or terms contained within said contract. When a disagreement about the terms of a contract occur, or if there’s an actual breach of contract, the parties may retain a contract dispute attorney to help them resolve the matter while advocating for the best possible outcome for their client. Before a lawsuit is filed, the attorneys may write letters, make calls, or attempt to mediate the disputes. Contract disputes can be very complex and if unresolved amicably, the matter may go through the long process of civil litigation through a court of law. Some simple examples of breach of contract are failing to complete a job, deliver goods or services or paying in a timely manner. Breach of contract can also include providing subpar services or goods.

I’m thinking about suing for a defective product. How does that work?

In this instance, you need a lawyer who represents clients in a product liability case. Product liability involves a seller or manufacturer being held responsible for placing defective products into the consumer stream. Responsibility for a defective product which causes injury then rests with all sellers of that product who are in the chain of distribution. Product liability attorneys must prove that the product (1) was defective and (2) caused injury.

Can SKT help me with Patent Law?

Yes, we can. Patent Law is a type if Intellectual Property law which concerns itself with inventions that are new. In years’ past patients protected tangible inventions such as, for example, automobiles, airplane seats, a child’s toy, and so on. However, as the world has become a more digital, computer and scientific based place in which we live, patents are now used to protect a much broader array of inventions. These can include, but not be limited to, software programs and algorithms. Patents can also be applied to things such as literary works, broadcast rights, or even customer lists.
Generally speaking, patents may be granted if an invention is new, not obvious, useful, and not a natural object or process. Once a patent is granted, inventors have the exclusive right to sell their invention for up to 20 years; and on occasion, inventors may give companies licensing rights to manufacture and sell their invention in exchange for a fee.
Protect your intellectual property by having an intellectual property attorney or IP lawyer on your side. Intellectual Property (“IP”) is the ownership of a design or idea which is the result of your intellect (brain). IP typically consists of (1) copyright, (2) trade secrets, (3) patent and (4) trademark. Examples of IP might include designs (configuration, pattern, appearance of a product), art, literary works, symbols, images, music, etc.
Copyright is the process by which someone protects their creative work in concrete form. Copyright may be registered with the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress, but the creator/inventor of the IP holds the copyright and all rights that go with it.
Patentable inventions can be protected as trade secrets pursuant to the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, son long as they provide economic value and reasonable measures are taken ensuring their secrecy. It is no unusual for inventors and companies to opt for reliance on trade secret protection to avoid the disclosures required to be awarded a patent.
Patents are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patents protect your design and invention. In exchange for disclosing your invention or design publicly, you gain exclusive rights to the use of the patented device for a set time period (currently 20 years for utility and plant patents and 14 years for design patents). Designs and practical inventions are only protected if the USPTO grants the patent.
Trademarks are also registered with the USPTO. Trademarks are marks (sounds, color, slogans, or a logo) that distinguish the source of services or goods and differentiate one company from its competitors. Also, it’s important to note that trademarking can overlap with copyright in that a logo may be copyrightable as an artistic creation and also registered as a trademark. But a trademark may protect words, designs and other elements that are not considered copyrightable.
Attorneys who work with intellectual property law assist clients in many different facets. We help establish and protect intellectual capital; we help you license the invention; we craft licensing agreements; and we negotiate settlements to name a few. Not only do these types of lawyers possess law degrees, but it is not unusual for them to possess special training or additional degrees in engineering, technology and science.

What does IP have to do with civil litigation?

The unauthorized use of a patented inventions is known as patent infringement. This occurs when one party uses, sells, or makes a patented item without obtaining the patent holder’s permission. The patent holder may sue the infringing party to stop his/her activities, as well as receive monetary compensation for the unauthorized use of the patent. Infringement is not limited to patents. Copyrights and trademarks too can be infringed upon. Trademarks and copyrights grant the holders exclusive rights to use their works and unauthorized use may lead to litigation.
All of these scenarios fall under the realm of civil litigation and SKT has experienced litigation attorneys who possess the wherewithal and knowledge to act on any client’s behalf.