We help our clients navigate through the broad array of legal hurdles for companies that work with distributed ledger technology and creative financing via digital assets (including Initial Coin Offerings).  From developing internal procedures aimed at corporate compliance to negotiating favorable terms with overseas markets, we can fight for our clients’ interests early to set the pace for other innovators to follow.  

Innovate Legal Strategies

New businesses face great challenges when venturing into early stage industries and cutting-edge business models. SKT advises emerging industries clientele so that they may have more solid footing on the rapidly developing regulatory climate.  Understanding how these new technologies impact other markets and agencies is key to leading others into tomorrow’s business trends.  

Our professionals have invested time and research to stay ahead of the competition so that the “unknown” can be overcome easier for clients. Having a firm grasp on global regulations gives us a roadmap to navigate with and creatively adapt where others cannot.