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Facing Federal Charges

Alleged white-collar crimes require an elite defense led by strategic, experienced attorneys

Facing Business Litigation

Accusations and disputes over transactions, compliance, or IP shouldn’t derail your future

Facing Immigration Challenges

Green card or visa application obstacles can be overcome with a knowledgeable legal partner

Facing Employment Claims Brought By Your Employees

Your assets and professional reputation should be protected by the best defense available

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Nationally Recognized

Proven track record of successful defense in high-profile white-collar cases

Boutique Approach

Personalized support and expert insights without inflated legal fees or retainers

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Offices in California, Ho Chi Minh City, Manilla, Singapore, and Hong Kong

SKT Practice Areas

White Collar Crime

Navigate the path to a successful outcome with unique insights and connections



Business Litigation

Protect your personal rights and corporate property with a diligent defense



Employment Law/
Class-Action Litigation

Resolve disputes and get expert legal protection from unforeseen challenges



Health Care Law

Ensure compliance, secure regulatory defense, negotiate transactions, and more



Immigration Law

Clear your path to a green card or visa to start the next chapter of your life



SKT Case Studies

SKT Case Studies

Elderly Person

A Tale of Two Sentences

Doug* engaged SKT when he and his business partner, Fred*, were arrested for allegedly defrauding elderly of their retirement. The amount of the fraud was

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