We have chaperoned an abundance of Green Card holders through the process of becoming Naturalized American citizens. 

Becoming a United States Citizen

If you are a United States legal permanent resident (“LPR” or “Green Card holder”), you may be eligible to become a United States citizen through naturalization. United States citizenship opens the door to substantial benefits, including the right to vote, eligibility for federal benefits or jobs, and unlimited length of international travel.

Obtaining all the perks that come with becoming a naturalized United States citizen can be difficult. In fact, naturalization has often been described being a lengthy and confusing process. Having the help of experienced attorneys that have encountered this many times before has proven to be extremely beneficial for our clients.

We are typically able to expedite the process in ways our client’s would not have been able to on their own.

SKT fosters a collaborative approach characterized by responsive and open communication that begins with the first consultation and is sustained throughout the entire process.