Countless consumer products expose everyday individuals to harmful chemicals that have been found to cause cancer and/or serious reproductive harm.  SKT Law, P.C. stands at the forefront of consumer protection prosecution to bring justice to U.S. households who do not have the wherewithal to investigate harmful substances that we are all unknowingly vulnerable to. 

Any product we put in or around our bodies can carry chemical compounds that have the potential to cause unimaginable suffering to us, or those we love.  As a California law firm, we have a powerful toolbelt at our disposal. 

Proposition 65

In 1986, California passed The Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act by direct voter initiative which put in place a known list of chemicals (“Listed Chemicals”) that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm.  This list was published in 1987. 

This sweeping regulatory action put a serious duty on businesses to place clear and reasonable warnings on their products if they contained any of the officially listed chemicals.  Considered to be landmark and a game changing piece of legislation on the part of consumers, many have both praised and criticized the reach of Proposition 65.  However, its benefits have proven to be immeasurable when seen from the perspective of what it has uncovered. 

Much to the surprise of ordinary citizens, even some of the most celebrated brands have been exposed as distributing dangerous chemicals into the marketplace and thus, the general public.  In particular, those most vulnerable to toxic substances have benefited greatly: pregnant women, infants, children, and the elderly.  There are, unfortunately, countless examples of popular cosmetics, dietary supplements, and ordinary snacks we find in the grocery stores as having some form of dangerous carcinogen hidden within the ingredients. 

Developed Talent & Ingenuity

SKT has worked behind the scenes for years developing our own litigation strategies on behalf of citizen law firms and Proposition 65 parties.  With a keen insight into supply chains and overseas sources, our international law experience has provided our firm with valuable tradecraft and knowledge about non-compliant importation practices. 

Our attorneys have also developed trusted partnerships with some of the most established testing laboratories in the country.  Having seen the realities of Proposition 65 lawsuits from both sides, SKT has attained a birds-eye perspective on navigating our cases towards the best possible resolution. 

Citizen Plaintiffs

If you believe you have been exposed to any consumer product that has caused sudden health issues and wish to investigate further, please contact our legal team to discuss your options. 

Law Firm Partnerships & Joint Litigation

Additionally, if your law firm has found itself in the crosshairs of Proposition 65 notice or an initiated legal action, we can help direct your team in providing your client with the best possible outcome.